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Jumpbook New Indian Social Networking Site. Jumpbook.in is the pure indian site. It is developed by Two Indians Nilay & Ankur Singh from Bihar, India . They  are operating from a one room of apartment from patna. This Site looks similar to Facebook but offers a lot more features than Facebook does.

Jumpbook is supposed to be a five-in-one according to the brothers. Besides basic sharing and posting, Like Faceook.  Jumpbook also offers a marketplace, a quiz application, forum and a blog platform as well.

Because of  financial problems. they  learnt website designing from a local computer institute. Nilay had quit his engineering course to let his brother complete his education. Since then the two have been working towards creating  Facebook competiting Website.

Ankur Singh told CNN-IBN ” We are facing challenges on the financial side, we need funds to increase server capacity.” . In the time frame of only four months, they attracted 25000+ users but their server crashed as it was not prepared to handle this capacity at a time. The two are now seeking investment to take their dream forward.
Nilay added, ” We are planning to launch this on a huge scale and we need some investors to invest in our website so that we can market our website to a certain level to advance to a big entrepeneurs from Bihar.”

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